DIY softbox

Here's a DIY i was working on the last weekend - a softbox for my Sunpak PZ-5000AF strobe. Diffusion area dimensions are 20 x 16 cm and it could be fit on any similarly sized flash. Thickness when folded flat is about 8mm.

Materials used:

  • light, strong cardboard
  • ducktape - black
  • aluminium foil tape (a truly awesome piece of material for photography DIY-ers)
  • Rosco white diffusion filter
  • black rubber hair band

Aluminium foil tape


  • all the hinged parts are made with ducktape to protect them from wear'n'tear.
  • make a small trame around the diffusion area, but make sure to cover the corners with ducktape to protect from wear'n'tear.
  • inside of the softbox is largely covered with foil tape to allow light to spread

And some images of the final product:

Folded flat

Folded flat

Even coverage

Inside covered with aluminium foil tape

Notice the folds made of ducktape
Coming up next - DIY ringflash.

Stay tuned.